About Us


 On Your Behalf  is a unique, estate liquidating business in the Kingston area specializing in personalized full service sales of personal property, valuables, collectibles, jewellry and antiques. It offers a simple, efficient, cost effective alternative to liquidating items from your home when moving, downsizing or handling an estate. 

· Listens to your individual needs and circumstances
· Conducts a professional sale for you and takes control from start to finish
· Completes comprehensive appraisals researching the market value of items
· Carefully handles your cherished items and valuables - new and old
· Provides cost effective, wide-reaching advertising
· Provides competent sales staff and security at the Tag Sale
· Completes the sale quickly and efficiently
· Helps customers arrange to remove items from the home
· Removes signage and broom sweep the home after the sale Provides you with an itemized account of sales 

  This often requires significant sorting and cleaning to minimize clutter. Sandra's team will attractively display and arrange items for sale. With the help of Sandra and her team at On Your Behalf, the task of moving is not so overwhelming.  If you are an executor of an estate, you will want to be sure the job is done right and should consider the services of professionals. When you need help, we step in On Your Behalf.  

  "This job is always exciting! I am able to learn the history of the families and their belongings. Clients relate specific details about the origin of their family heirlooms and are often surprised by what we find when unpacking old trunks and boxes that have been in storage for decades."                                                                                      ~ Sandra Mercer, GPPA