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Our Past Clients Comments


As everyone says, positive word of mouth may just be the best advertising of all.  Here are some generous comments from our past satisfied clients!

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Ted & Diane, Kingston


"Assistance has never been easier. Sandy and her team were Pros all the way. Moving from our house to an apartment was crazy, considering years of acquisitions. I would recommend them to anyone looking to downsize"!

Cynthia, Amherstview


"Every time I anticipated settling my Mom’s home estate, I had anxiety. She had many old items we hated to part with. But the OYB team was thoughtful and sensitive. They also like to have fun so before we knew it, it was over and surprisingly painless. Thank you Sandra and your great Gals". 

Marjorie, Bath, Ontario


"I was at an OYB content sale recently and I spoke with Sandy about just getting rid of years of stuff. She came over and organized my housed like a museum. The sale was so successful, two of my friends did the same thing"! 

Edward, Kingston


"Placing your trust in strangers to come into our home, rummage through all of your belongings and suggest pricing is a strange experience. Unless you hire OYB to do it. From the moment I met Sandra, I felt instant comfort and trust. She clearly knows what she’s doing and did it professionally". 

Florence, Colborne


"My husband got transferred and we had to sell the home of our dreams. I was surfing the web and found 'On Your Behalf' in Kingston. Sandra came up numerous times to explain her services and get us organized. The sale was extremely successful and was probably the highlight of a very sad move. If you're doing any type of move, Sandra is the one!"